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Aneta Jabłońska

About the conference

“Significance of peer mediation, in the upbringing of children and youth – theoretical and practical aspects”
17 October 2019
Primate’s Palace
(Hotel Bellotto),
Senatorska Street 13/15 

On the occasion of the International Day of Mediation, Polish Platform for Homeland Security is organising an appropriate conference entitled: “Significance of peer mediation, in the upbringing of children and youth – theoretical and practical aspects.” The event will be held on 17th October 2019 in Warsaw. The conference is organised in collaboration with Judge Anna Maria Wesolowska.

The main objective of the conference is to exchange views and experiences, of the indicated directions of anti-violence prevention and peer mediation.
Experts will discuss ways of promoting mediation, as tools to shape the social competences of children and youth. Additionally, the workshop planned will demonstrate how daily use of mediation can be used as a powerful tool to prevent and solve problems.
We invite any people interested in the subject of the conference. In particular:
• Mediators
• Psychologists
 Representatives of Education
• Probation Offices
• Institutions Supporting Children and Families
• Judges
Conference participation will be confirmed with a certificate, issued by Polish Platform for Homeland Security.


The speakers list includes: Anna Maria Wesolowska, Dorota Zawadzka, Izabela Buszewicz, Joanna Wajda and Dorota Whitten. 


Polish Platform for Homeland Security

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security has several years of experience in the area of broadly defined prevention. Since 2017, the Platform has been the partner of the Observatory of Threats to Young People, which brings together different institutions from the Wielkopolskie Province. The project engages the partners to prevent all negative phenomena that are present in and constitute real threats to young people ( Moreover, in 2017, the PPHS organized a conference titled "The role of integrated prevention in ensuring the security of children and youth" with the honorary patronage of the Children's Rights Ombudsman, the Commissioner for Human Rights, the Minister of Family, Labor, and Social Policy, and the Minister of National Education. The conference was attended by over 200 participants and the conclusions stimulated the public to discuss the role and directions of development of integrated prevention (link).
The PPHS extends its patronage to important events and publications, such as the book published in 2018, titled "Preventive measures. Planning and performance," written by Dr. Marzena Kordaczuk-Wąs, which constitutes an important compendium of knowledge about preventive measures (link). Also, the PPHS was the patron of two training series conducted since last year; the main objective of the first one, titled "'Step-by-step' prevention with proven effectiveness - how to design an effective preventive program," was to familiarize the participants with the principles of creation, implementation, and evaluation of preventive programs. The second series, titled "Family mediations as a conflict-solving method," is conducted by judge Anna Maria Wesołowska (link)

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security is currently conducting the PPHS Secure School Program, whose objective is to conduct classes on broadly defined security in schools. The topics of the classes are cybersecurity, addiction prevention, mediation, peer violence, legal education, and anti-terrorist education (link).